Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency

It doesn’t matter if you are a business working with a small in-house marketing team, or a business owner wanting to grow past your current advertising strategy, the thought of hiring a professional advertising agency has probably crossed your mind.

Are you restricting your business by creating your own ads? NOW is the time to finally make the leap to approach an advertising agency! There are many, many reasons why Jambalaya Marketing is the best decision for your company… here are a few:

Time & Experience

Believe us, we already know – running a company is hard work.

You have the headaches of worrying about a many different things that take up your time, tugging you in a hundred different directions.

To receive the care and respect you know your company deserves, a lot of time needs to be invested. It’s the job of Jambalaya Marketing to worry about all the nuances of advertising and nothing else. We’ll handle our job so that you can handle yours.

You Deserve Professionals

Would you let just anyone do your job or run your company? Of course not!  So why let just anyone do your advertising?

Jambalaya Marketing is a group of professionals who have devoted their careers to the art of advertising. Our team has combined over 50 years of experience dealing with different types of advertising and/or media campaigns and clients. Hiring Jambalaya Marketing ensures that you are working with specialists that have proven results, and know the best course of action for your particular business based on that experience.

Your Advertising Budget Needs Reviewing

You probably have a good idea of expense management within your company, advertising and marketing is a totally different ballgame. There are many aspects that we can help you with. Whether you are spending too much, too little or putting your ad budget in the wrong places.

You may not have the experience and know how to make the best of your budget, but the professionals at Jambalaya Marketing are experts at it. Having addressed many different types of businesses and budget obstacles, Jambalaya Marketing understands and can implement the best money advice and management for your specific type of business, targeting and optimizing your audience while decreasing the hit on your bank account.

Advertising Agencies Can Hook You Up

Probably, one of the more challenging thoughts that has crossed your mind when thinking about self-advertising is, “Where & How Do I Begin?”

Jambalaya Marketing has all the connections and resources to make your campaign truly successful and cost-effective. We know how to place ads and make ads, and we have the programs in place to create them.  Jambalaya Marketing has relationships with other companies and organizations that will help us get the job done. You don’t have to worry about or provide a thing – we have you covered.

A United Team Means Quality & Unified Results

You may have thought about hiring a few freelance people to handle different aspects of your publicity, such as someone to do your social media posts, another to design your advertisements, etc. While that is a good thought, it is definitely not the optimal move to make for your company. Your business needs to have a strong brand, and you need people who not only are experts in brand maintenance, but also professionals in productively working together.

You Need An Invigorated Approach to Grow

You understand your company best. This is a wonderful thing, but it often leads to a biased view and a frozen stance on what is best for the future and development of your business.

This often leads to lost opportunities that could have made your company grow. Jambalaya Marketing can offer an new and objective view that opens your eyes to many different, and otherwise invisible solutions that you didn’t realize were ideal for your business until now.


Hiring Jambalaya Marketing could lead to massive growth for your company that you’ve been hoping for. Need more convincing? Contact us and schedule a free consultation to discuss all of the opportunities that you and your business may have been missing.

Brett Thomas,
Jambalaya Marketing


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