Streaming Service Advertising

The Jambalaya team is a diverse network of consultants who specialize in inventively capturing your target audience's attention.

We Can Showcase Your Brand On Streaming Platforms

Hulu, and other similar platforms, present digital marketers a new avenue for promoting their brand, services, and products. With an uncountable number of people watching their favorite TV series or movies day and night, that would mean the same amount of potential customers who might be interested in your ads on their streaming platform of choice.

From 15-to-30 second commercials or video content to advertising slates and eye-catching images, you will have plenty of options available to you. Depending on your resources and budget, Jambalaya Marketing can formulate the perfect suite of ads for your digital marketing campaign.

Let the creative masterminds at Jambalaya Marketing develop a catchy and spicy advertising campaign that will stir feelings and get your product or service noticed!  Contact US or call us at 504-875-5036 to set up a free consultation.

We have EXCITING ways to deliver your message!

If your message doesn't stop them in their tracks and turn heads, it will not be noticed. New Orleans is known for it's spicy flavor...your message should be too!