Search Engine Optimization

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New Orleans Search Engine Optimization

It seems, as if constantly, the search engine companies are continually modifying the criteria that determine rankings, and website owners are becoming more concerned with the negative impact that poor placement has on their business. They should be. According to a report published by the NPD Group, 92% of online consumers use search engines for shopping online. In their 10th User Survey, The Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center found that 84.4% of those polled linked to Web pages through search engines.

At Jambalaya Marketing, search engine optimization is a major consideration from the second we begin working on your project… and It stays at the forefront of our thinking all the way through. With our technical and copy writing expertise, Jambalaya Marketing can ensure you will receive a quality listing. We can also take your project to the next level with an advanced search engine positioning campaign.

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