How to Jambalaya Marketing uses Paid Ads to Grow Your Facebook Following

So, you’ve got someone in your office that set up your Facebook Business page and is posting on a fairly regular basis. They’re doing pretty good and you have more likes and followers. That’s awesome! Facebook now has over 2.79 billion people signing in on a daily basis (3/28/21). A beloved client of ours likes to say, “that Zuckerberg won’t let me get rich just by posting content”.

That’s where Facebook Paid Ads comes in.

Let me explain how it works.

What is a Facebook paid ad?

According to Facebook, “With Facebook Ads, you can create targeted ads to reach different audiences and meet your business goals.” That’s pretty straightforward.

Facebook Paid Ads are a common and cost-effective strategy for your business to reach an intended audience. Don’t know who or where your target audience is? This is where our experience comes into play. We use analytics to create a customer avatar for you. It’s exactly what every Fortune 500 company does. By understanding your customer, you can then target and sell to them.

How to build a Facebook ad that works

When you’re building your ad, there are some boilerplate rules.

Choose an audience

Choosing which demographics you will target is one of the most essential parts of optimizing your ad. Choosing a wide range can work for some businesses, but you’re much more likely to see results by narrowing your focus. My marketing mentor used to say, “market to everyone, sell to no one”. It’s so true.  For example, if you’re selling golf clubs only target men and women who follow the support or have significant others who are nuts for golf.

Did you know that Callaway Golf reported record sales while decreasing their advertising budget by targeting the wives and girlfriends of golf enthusiasts? Lots of dudes got a sand wedge over the holiday season.

Create an intriguing message

Facebook Ads has a limited number of characters, so every word has to have a purpose.  Did you have a great deal to offer? Releasing new products? Are you fixing a problem? Your message must be applicable to your highly targeted audience and it must include a CALL  TO ACTION! Video has a higher conversion rate than a photo so bust out that camera if you can. If you’re going to use a photo, choose it for a reason and make sure it’s high def.

Switch it up

Ever heard of AB Testing? I’ll make an ad with a blue button and record its success (analytics). Then I’ll switch it up to a purple button. Why did the purple button do so much better? Beats the heck out of me but going through the AB process will give you an edge over your competition. AB testing is not common amongst marketing companies. Less than 15% of agencies use this method because it’s time-consuming. Here at Jambalaya Marketing, it’s imperative because it will provide the data needed to increase the market share, call count, form fills, online sales, or whatever else you want us to go after. You’ve got to switch your ads up. Stagnant Advertising is a money suck. Don’t let this happen to your marketing budget.




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